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Rhode Island

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Report Date: 2022-07-01
Registered Voters in Rhode Island


Voters Purged in Last 365 Days

29,715 (3.6702%)

Voters Purged in Selected County

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VPP Score:
  • Cost

    The state provides voter registration data for a free or low price. $300/yr
  • Transparency

    The state responds to FOIA requests. Yes
    The state provides birthdates and age data. Yes
  • Access

    The state provides regular data releases (quarterly, monthly, or weekly). Monthly
    The state disseminates data in an easily retrievable manner (email, web download, or mail). Email
    The state provides an in-depth history of voters including telephone numbers and email addresses. Phone and Email
  • Purge History

    Percentage of purged voters to total voters 3.2
  • Voter Trends for Last 365 days.

    Voter Breakdowns by Age

    Report Notes:

    • In April, a spike in "dropped voters" and "new voters" resulted from the Rhode Island Department of State changing the format of a large number of Voter IDs. The large number of "purged voters" reflects this change of formatting by the state.
    • According to the Rhode Island Department of State, after mail ballot applications for the March 2 special election was sent to all active voters, "Voters whose mail ballot applications were returned undeliverable were made inactive," resulting in 12,000 voters being moved from "Active" to "Inactive" status.