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Report Date: 2021-12-01
Voter Trends - 2021
Report Notes:

  • The Voter Purge Project is currently investigating the explanation to the month of April's spike in dropped voters

Voter Breakdowns by Age
Registered Voters in Michigan


Voters Purged This Year

349,654 (4.3296%)

VPP Score:
  • Cost

    The state provides voter registration data for a free or low price. $600/yr
  • Transparency

    The state responds to FOIA requests. Yes
    The state provides birthdates and age data. Yes
  • Access

    The state provides regular data releases (quarterly, monthly, or weekly). Monthly
    The state disseminates data in an easily retrievable manner (email, web download, or mail). Mail
  • Purge History

    Percentage of purged voters to total voters 3.64