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Report Date: 2022-07-30
Registered Voters in Oklahoma


Voters Purged in Last 365 Days

55,829 (2.4626%)

Voters Purged in Selected County

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VPP Score:
  • Cost

    The state provides voter registration data for a free or low price. $Free/yr
  • Transparency

    The state responds to FOIA requests. Yes
    The state provides birthdates and age data. Yes
  • Access

    The state provides regular data releases (quarterly, monthly, or weekly). Weekly
    The state disseminates data in an easily retrievable manner (email, web download, or mail). Download
  • Purge History

    Percentage of purged voters to total voters 1.78
  • Voter Trends for Last 365 days.

    Voter Breakdowns by Age

    Report Notes:

    • The Voter Purge Project is currently investigating the explanation to the April 17, 2021 spike of dropped voters
    • The week of Feb 6, 2021, Oklahoma corrected about 55,000 of their Voter IDs. A digit was prepended to ID's that were 8 characters long to make them 9 characters long. As a result, this categorizes their entries as around 55,000 "dropped voters" and "new" voters for that week.